Behind The Song - Part 5 - Moment

The fifth in a short series of stories behind the songs.   

Moment - by Noel & Tricia Richards

For the past ten years, we have enjoyed the privilege of living on the Spanish island of Mallorca. We have discovered a different rhythm of life here, which is such a contrast to the way we used to live. It is a much slower pace of life. People do not rush around – there is no need. 

We now drive slower, compared to how we used to in England. Whenever we visit the UK, we notice how everyone seems to be in a hurry. The stress is tangible. 

Our Spanish friends here have a phrase 'mas o menos' – meaning 'more or less'. When arranging a time to meet them for a social occasion, we will say, “let's meet at 8pm more or less”, meaning it could actually be around 8.15pm. Being slightly late is not a problem. 

Another example of the laid back lifestyle in Mallorca, is August. In this month, very little gets done in the way of business. People take vacations and spend time relaxing with family and friends. 

It seems to us that people here “work to live, rather than live to work”. Maybe this approach to life, combined with the Mediterranean diet, enables the Spanish to live longer. 

However, this laid-back approach to life can be frustrating for visitors. 

Most of us live in a fast moving world of social media, instant news and 24 hour connectivity. How many of us reach for our mobile phones within a few minutes of waking each day? 

We have noticed how we have become so glued to our handsets, that we are failing to engage with the world around us. We are forgeting how to live in the moment. 

Instead of enjoying a beautiful sunset, we are taking a photo of it for our social media posts. 

This song – Moment - came out of our new found lifestyle, as we slowed down and learned once again, to rediscover the joy in taking time for ourselves and others. 

We also had an enforced period of doing nothing, when our granddaughter went through serious heart surgery and as a result spent months in hospital. We would spend hours at her bedside, with no agenda other than to be there for her. We were forced to slow down and focus on the only thing that mattered. 

As we write these words, in March 2020, many of us are going through a time of doing nothing. The Covid-19 virus has caused the shutting down of businesses, schools, travel and more. As for us, we are currently in a period of confinement, unable to leave our apartment, except to purchase food, medicines, or in case of an emergency. 

These days are full of uncertainty and genuine fear for so many. But these are also days of opportunity, when we can rediscover a slower pace of life and the benefits of taking time out from our busy lives. 

As you listen to the words of this song, we hope that you will begin to discover as we have, the pleasure of slowing down, living in the moment, enjoying the treasure in the everyday. Discovering that there is so much in our world that is beautiful, if we can only take a moment to stop, look and listen. 

Listen to the song by clicking HERE or on the image.

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