The Father's Nod - Teaching Video

THE FATHER'S NOD is about God's longing to show us his approval and to help us find our true identity as His sons and daughters. I share from my own personal experiences and my understanding of the 'Father's Nod' revealed…

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New Podcast - Prophetic or Nostalgic?


The past 50 years has seen the exponential growth of the contemporary worship movement and brought the Church new songs and hymns. The songs of our generation were radical and prophetic when first written. But it is easy to settle…

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New Podcast - Shortbread, Kings & Presidents

The coronation of King Charles has just happened in the UK and a US Presidential election is just around the corner. 

Wayne Drain and Noel Richards talk about their attitude toward those who 'reign over us'.

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"He Still Speaks To Kids" - Buy direct from this website.

Our book has met with a warm response since published in 2022.  Some churches are giving copies to parents to celebrate with them on the day of their  children's dedications.    "Practical, biblical, accessible, full of wisdom and insight.  This isRead more

New Teaching Video

Your Kingdom Come - Kingdom Priority # 1

My latest teaching at City Church from the current series "Your Kingdom Come".

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Is This A New Jesus Movement?

In the last few weeks reports have filled social media about a move of the Holy Spirit breaking out at Asbury College and Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.  YouTube videos and live streaming feeds have confirmed it to be a student…

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My Podcast Website

Check out my new podcast site. Among the episodes available is this audio version of episode #1 of my Prophetic Training Video series. 

We know God speaks to us through the Bible. And we know that His sheep hear the…

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December 2022 Newsletter


My latest newsletter, looking back on 2022 and thoughts about 2023.

I turned seventy back in May. Psalm 90:10 allots three score and ten (70 years) for a man’s life. Jewish people describe one who survives that age as ‘strength’…

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New Resource - Podcast

I have recently started producing short podcasts with my good friend Noel Richards. In these podcasts, we talk together about various aspects of worship. Our aim is that these will be an encouragement to everyone, not just those who serve…

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It's Here!!

It’s here! He Still Speaks to Kids is available today! Tom and I pray that this book will be a blessing to those seeking to guide the next generation closer to the Lord. Get your copy today at


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