In my weakness, You are strong
When I fall short, You carry me along
Into my darkness, You shine Your light
When I feel blinded, You restore my sight

You are the Lord, You never change
You still the storm, when I call Your name
You're all I want, You're always there
No matter when, no matter where
You're the Lord, You never change
You're the Lord, You never change

I'm inconsistent, but You are true
I don't trust myself, but I depend on You
Look through my selfishness, and see my heart
Bring out the precious from the worthless part

I need courage, Lord, to make this change
It's time my independence got rearranged
I'm tired of chasing after my own ways
So I'll serve You Lord, serve You Lord
For the rest, rest of my days
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

© 1996 : Wayne Drain
KingsWay's ThankYou Music/MCPS