The Hudson Taylors

Reviewed by Lins Honeyman

Named after the first missionary to venture into China, The Hudson Taylors comprise of Noel Richards, Brian Houston and Wayne Drain who have done a Travelling Wilburys and pulled their collective resources to produce a refreshing album of new material. A raw and spontaneous energy is sustained throughout, mainly due to Houston's gritty vocal delivery as showcased in the overwhelmingly powerful "Where You See Bones". Fans of Noel will love the contemplative "If I Seek You" and other standouts include the title track and Houston's "You Are Mystical" - very much a song of praise with a difference. 'Hurricane' should whet your appetite for all three artists whilst standing in its own right as a great album.

Track Listing:

  1. Where Can I Go
  2. I Hear The Hunger Of The Poor (Sons And Daughters)
  3. You Are Mystical
  4. If I seek You (Pure Heart)
  5. In These Last Days (Waterfall)
  6. And The Blessing Of The Lord (Blessing Of The Lord)
  7. I Give My Heart To What I Treasure (Treasure)
  8. I Took My BurdenTo The Crossroads (Hurricane)
  9. Jesus Christ (All My Love)
  10. When The Ones you Love and Trust (Where You See Bones)
  11. When We Turn Our Hearts To Heaven (Dreamers Of Your Dreams)
  12. Every Morning
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