Come Away

Wayne Drain

Reviewed by Trevor Kirk

Something I didn’t know about our friend Wayne; he’s part Scots and part Cherokee American Indian, so we get an interesting mix of Celtic and native American rhythms on this one, which incidentally is excellent value at over 70 minutes, and include some live cuts from ‘Champions Of The World’ at Wembley stadium. There’s a throbbing drumbeat on his definitive arrangement of “Be Thou My Vision” to go with the usual folk instruments; an authentic ‘Cherokee pow-pow drum on “Waterfall”; Dave Bilbrough duets with Wayne on “Every Tribe”, which is a romping eight minutes of Bo Diddley beats, sampled DJ vocals and praise to the Lord; there’s a slab of straight-ahead rock’n’roll on “Dance With The Father” (one of the ‘Champion’ items), and a melodic worship song “Sweet Rain”, with Caroline Bonnett supplying some tasty accordion accompaniment. Other musicians involved apart from Caroline include Les Moir, Sue Rinaldi, Neil Costello, Nick Haigh and Mal Pope, who also produces, and the sum total of all this talent is a cracker of an album. Wayne’s been around a long time, but I doubt if he’s ever made anything as good as this. Recommended.

1 Come Away 2 I Know A Place 3 Waterfall 4 All I Know 5 Fire Of God 6 Revival 7 Dancin' with the father 8 Be Thou My Vision 9 I Believe 10 You Are The Lord 11 Sweet Rain 12 Every Tribe

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