Prophetic Training - Complete 6 Video Set on Thumb Drive
  • Prophetic Training - Complete 6 Video Set on Thumb Drive
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Prophetic Training - Complete 6 Video Set on Thumb Drive

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This Thumb Drive contains all 6 Videos of the Prophetic Training Series and includes Teaching Notes. A complete synopsis of the video content is detailed below.

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Video #1: HEARING FROM GOD IN PROPHECY We know God speaks to us through the Bible. And we know that His sheep hear the Shepherd’s voice. Our creator God still speaks in many, many ways. In this class we will look at biblical and practical applications of how to hear from God through the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy.

Video #2 GROWING IN HEARING FROM GOD When it comes to hearing a word from God, many people are nervous, even fearful—under-standably so. There is perhaps no ministry in the Church with more glaring examples of excess and counterfeit expressions than in this area. Mistakes can be made in the name of prophecy, especially when we let our desires or emotions become the motivating factor. Mature believers need to carefully weigh prophetic words. The truth is God still speaks and the role of prophetic ministry is as vital today as it has ever been in the church. It is real, useful & very much needed. This workshop will look at practical guidelines to help us embrace the prophetic today.

Video #3 PROPHETIC PRESBYTERY OVERVIEW A prophetic presbytery is a prophetic gathering set aside for worship, prayer and prophetic ministry. The focus of a presbytery is to prophesy spiritual callings and to affirm leadership. Presbyteries are about Prophets and Local Leadership teaming up to equip and release people for their works of service.

Video #4 DISCOVERING THE ART OF PROPHECY Any believer can prophesy when there is a prophetic anointing present. But that doesn’t mean they have the Gift of Prophecy or should be called a Prophet. The Art of Prophecy flows from a real connection with the Holy Spirit and an honest alignment with the principles of Scripture. This workshop is about developing those with a call in the prophetic to move beyond human imagination or the inspiration of an anointed environment. We’ll discuss three principles needed to develop The Art of Prophecy in our lives: Anointing – Reach - Timing.

Video #5 PROPHECY AND MINISTRY Prophetic ministry is about bringing encouragement, strengthening and comfort into the life of our community. People inside the church and across our city we’re called to are longing to know that God is real and sees them. In this class we’ll look at incorporating prophetic ministry into worship, prayer, dedicating children, affirming new members and healing.

Video #6 PROPHETIC EVANGELISM Our great Commission in Matthew 28 is about believers cooperating with the Holy Spirit to show and tell the good news of God’s kingdom. In this class we’ll look at ‘The Philip method’ of using spiritual gifts to find God’s lost treasures.

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