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Treasures: CD RE-RELEASE
  • Treasures: CD RE-RELEASE
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This album has now been re-leased in a simple shrink wrapped full colour card sleeve, in order to keep shipping costs down.

Reviewed by Mike Roberts

'Treasures' is a studio recording of songs by this well known songwriter marketed as 'The Definitive Wayne Drain Collection'. The band and production crew say a lot about the support the American singer, songwriter, worship leader and pastor has in the UK - including Les Moir on bass, Mal Pope on guitar, Caroline Bonnett on keyboards, Sue Rinaldi on backing vocals and Dave Bilbrough and Noel Richards as guest vocalists! As expected, the performances are all solidly competent (whilst not fully realising the potential of those involved, suggesting that studio time may have been an issue here) and they form a transparent conduit for Wayne's songs. On first hearing the album I was hard pushed to define it musically - imagine a cross between Billy Ray Cyrus and John Lenon! The truth is, and I hope this won't offend anyone, 'Treasures' is a little bit like a bottle of fine red wine; after the initial taste subsides, a variety of other, quite unexpected flavours begin to emerge. Perhaps this is to be expected when the driving force behind this album appears to be more about the songs than the artist (a good thing) and continuity of style is secondary to the communication of the message (another good thing). In all, it's a solid production with some subtle surprises that will please those familiar with this powerful and prophetic songsmith.

  1. Dancin' With The father
  2. You Are The Lord
  3. Every Morning
  4. Be Thou My Vision
  5. Inside Out
  6. I Believe
  7. I'm Crying Out
  8. All I Know
  9. Sweet Rain
  10. Waterfall
  11. Treasure
  12. Every Tribe
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The Lord Bless And Keep You: CD
  • The Lord Bless And Keep You: CD
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Reviewed by Jonathan Sinclair

The Hudson Taylors are, of course, the much loved folk/roots/Americana side project of the hugely experienced Noel Richards, Brian Houston and Wayne Drain and this could be called the long-delayed followup to their 2002 album 'Hurricane'. Combining a mix of new and classic worship songs The Hudson Taylors create a unique sound that has a diversity that will appeal to a wide audience. The first standout track of the album is "Praise God (From Whom All Blessings Flow)", which is a stunning reworking of the classic hymn, with a melody provided by a piano fading in and out along with guitars underpinning with some solid drumming. This is followed by a new version of Richards' "By Your Side" that utilizes harmonies with subtle guitar and drumming to great effect. Another standout "You Are" is a rock number performed with intricate guitar playing, strong vocals and again underpinned by equally strong drumming. Houston fans will love his new version of the radio hit "We Don't Need Religion" with revised lyrics which carry an even stronger message emphasising that we need the love of God and not religion. With strong positive themes and excellent production this is a showcase for three mature songwriting talents firing at the top of their game.

  1. The Lord Bless And Keep You
  2. We Don't Need Religion
  3. As For Me And My House
  4. Praise God(From Whom All Blessings Flow)
  5. By Your Side
  6. Draw Me To Your Sacred Place- Seek Ye First
  7. Be Still My Soul
  8. You Are
  9. All The Saints
  10. Breath Of Love
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Hurricane: CD
  • Hurricane: CD
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Reviewed by Lins Honeyman

Named after the first missionary to venture into China, The Hudson Taylors comprise of Noel Richards, Brian Houston and Wayne Drain who have done a Travelling Wilburys and pulled their collective resources to produce a refreshing album of new material. A raw and spontaneous energy is sustained throughout, mainly due to Houston's gritty vocal delivery as showcased in the overwhelmingly powerful "Where You See Bones". Fans of Noel will love the contemplative "If I Seek You" and other standouts include the title track and Houston's "You Are Mystical" - very much a song of praise with a difference. 'Hurricane' should whet your appetite for all three artists whilst standing in its own right as a great album.

Track Listing:

  1. Where Can I Go
  2. I Hear The Hunger Of The Poor (Sons And Daughters)
  3. You Are Mystical
  4. If I seek You (Pure Heart)
  5. In These Last Days (Waterfall)
  6. And The Blessing Of The Lord (Blessing Of The Lord)
  7. I Give My Heart To What I Treasure (Treasure)
  8. I Took My BurdenTo The Crossroads (Hurricane)
  9. Jesus Christ (All My Love)
  10. When The Ones you Love and Trust (Where You See Bones)
  11. When We Turn Our Hearts To Heaven (Dreamers Of Your Dreams)
  12. Every Morning
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Come Away: CD
  • Come Away: CD
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Reviewed by Trevor Kirk

Something I didn’t know about our friend Wayne; he’s part Scots and part Cherokee American Indian, so we get an interesting mix of Celtic and native American rhythms on this one, which incidentally is excellent value at over 70 minutes, and include some live cuts from ‘Champions Of The World’ at Wembley stadium. There’s a throbbing drumbeat on his definitive arrangement of “Be Thou My Vision” to go with the usual folk instruments; an authentic ‘Cherokee pow-pow drum on “Waterfall”; Dave Bilbrough duets with Wayne on “Every Tribe”, which is a romping eight minutes of Bo Diddley beats, sampled DJ vocals and praise to the Lord; there’s a slab of straight-ahead rock’n’roll on “Dance With The Father” (one of the ‘Champion’ items), and a melodic worship song “Sweet Rain”, with Caroline Bonnett supplying some tasty accordion accompaniment. Other musicians involved apart from Caroline include Les Moir, Sue Rinaldi, Neil Costello, Nick Haigh and Mal Pope, who also produces, and the sum total of all this talent is a cracker of an album. Wayne’s been around a long time, but I doubt if he’s ever made anything as good as this. Recommended.

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