Behind The Song - Part 4 - Come Away

The fourth in a short series of stories behind the songs.  

Come Away

I wrote a song called “Come Away” in 1996.  It would become the title cut and the name of my album.  Kingsway Music (now…

Behind The Song - Part 3 - Linger



The third in a short series of stories behind the songs.  

This one is 'Linger' from Tim Sheppard



As one of the worship pastors at Gateway Church, I serve with a team that…

Behind The Song - Part 2 - Quiet My Soul

The second in a short series of stories behind the songs. 

This one is from Noel & Tricia Richards

The music for this song was birthed during a soundcheck for a concert in Berlin, Germany in November…

Behind The Song - Part 1 - While You Are Sleeping

The response to my song, “While You Are Sleeping” has been very encouraging.  My live performance of the song from Gateway Church has had over 100,000 views on their Facebook page.  It has been released as a deluxe single by…

End Of Year Update

Dear Friends of Wayne Drain Ministries, 

In this season of giving thanks, we thank God for your partnering with us this year!  We’ve asked Father to give you peace, renewed purpose and increased joy here at the end of

All I Know

It is always a privilege to lead worship for my 'family' at City Church, Russellville, AR. I love sharing this song and someone in the congregation captured the band in full flow. Click on the image to view the…

What's In A Name?

“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet. 

People called us “Tech Fellowship” when we began meeting on the Arkansas Tech University…

Summer Update



I heard the Lord speak to me on April 10th of this year, “I’ve got you where I want you for now.” 

As I inquired and listened, the Holy Spirit began to explain what He had…

While You're Sleeping - Live Video from Gateway Dallas


We’ve all been there.   Middle of the night.  All is quiet.  All should be at peace.  Except for one thing:  We can’t get to sleep.  Brain won’t turn off.  Anxiety begins to rise for fear of not…

New Zealand Update

For years I have journaled my ministry trips as I travel around the world.  Here’s an update from our recent trip to New Zealand taken from my 2018-2019 journal. 

September 12, 2018, Journal entry:

“Received a message…


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