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Wayne uk

Visiting the UK.

Looking forward to seeing friends in England. Prayers always appreciated, for safe travels and everything I will be doing on this visit.

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A Young girl, a Yellow Sheet and a Beatle. Yellow Sheet Stories - #2

I have just added Yellow Sheet Stories - #2 and you can read it below, or by visiting the YELLOW SHEET STORIES page.

Sarah Brooks, Bristol, England 

It was a pleasure to be re-acquainted with Sarah Books at the Naturally Supernatural Conference in Sheffield, England in the summer of 2017.  She waited till the end of a meeting where I was teaching, then she told me her story of receiving a word from me when she was very young. 

Here’s Sarah’s story:

“When I was 13 years old I received a prophecy

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Arkansas Awakening

This was our fifth gathering in different venues around Arkansas.  Three churches have felt to come together to seek God in worship and prayer for a multi-generational, Spiritual Awakening to impact the culture in our state. Our next gathering will be March 9th at The Apostolic Church in Sherwood, Arkansas at 7 pm.


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Texas Was Amazing

I had a wonderful couple of days at the Prophetic Presbytery in Longview, TX. Here are a couple of photos from the time there.

20180116 121534

On The Road Again!

Departing Clinton Airport for this week's Prophetic Presbytery at Highridge Church in Longview, TX.

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Encounter At The Funky Frog!


I seem to be known for personal prophetic ministry, with words in season. Proverbs 15 v 23 - A word spoken in due season, how good is it! 

Always, I write these words down on a yellow pad - see YELLOW SHEET STORIES - as it is a valuable way for people to remember the words they have received and also to examine them carefully.

You can read about my recent encounter with good friend Sean Garden who runs the Funky Frog in Jasper, AR. Click on the image.



Happy New Year

Looking forward to bringing New Year's Eve message to Fellowship of Christians Sunday @ 10:30 am. Hope to see you there!

Wayne florida

Year End Update

Here at the end of 2017 I'm thankful for all the friends who keep up with June and I throughout the year. 

CHANGE has been the big word for our family this year.  I want to let you know what has been happening with us during this significant time.  My dual call to Pastor and Prophesy to the nations seems to be expanding. 

Along with ongoing local church responsibilities, 2017 has been a year of increased travel in ministry. 


I have ministered in large and small congregations in Arkansas…

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Transitions - #2 The In-Between Challenge

June and I are in a life transition from leading the church we helped found and serve for 45 years as Senior Pastors, to a new season of consulting and itinerate ministry.  In my previous blog, “A New Rhythm”, I said we believe this move is right and timely for us but feel ‘in between’ where we were and where we’re going.  There are inherent challenges in any major change in life—good and not so good.  Some days we feel like confident pioneers on an exciting adventure.  Other days we pray for courage to…

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Transitions - #1 A New Rhythm

“Transitions are a normal part of life that come when we find ourselves in between moving from what we know but have not quite settled into what is new yet.” (R. Taibbi, Psychology Today.)

Transitions can be good or bad depending on how we negotiate the changes in life rhythms that come.  It often becomes necessary to adjust your familiar routine and embrace a new rhythm so you can continue to grow. 

June and I are now a few weeks beyond the 45th Anniversary Celebration of the church we helped found…

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Florida This Weekend

Looking forward to speaking Saturday and Sunday at Living Waters Church in Estero, Florida.

Wayne ft worth

On the Road Again

Looking forward to being in Fort Worth with High Ridge Church this weekend!  Prophetic Presbytery Sunday and Monday.